Alleiner Threat Reckordt – Distro April 2016

Alleiner Threat Reckordt – Distro April 2016

Ein kleiner Überblick an Vinyls, die hier noch rumfliegen und eine/n Käufer/in suchen /// Overview of some vinyls still being here and searching for buyers:

Accidente – Amistad Y Rebelion LP 10,00 €
Wonderful, female fronted punkrock from Madrid, Spain

Bad Omen – s/t LP 16,00 €
Last copy of this repress (1st time on vinyl) of the debut LP of one of the most influential streetpunk bands from Manila, Philippines. It comes in silkcreen cover and red splatter vinyl (limited to only 50 copies).

Various Artists – Fatal Response 15,00 €
The mother of all Pinoy Punk compilations. Two songs from Dead Ends (one of the first Pinoy Hardcore bands), Wuds (first Hare Krishna Core Band, even before Cro-Mags started it), Urban Bandits (up to today influential), Zoo Suit (Rockabilly) and three songs bei G.I. & The Idiots. Comes on splatterred vinyl as a limited edition. First time ever on vinyl.

All – Shreen – 12,50 €
Still sealed copy of All 10inch Shreen on coloured vinyl.

24 Reasons – Why they‘re starving while others gain billions 6,00 €
Six hardcore songs from Malaysia on white vinyl. Direct and straight to the point, originally recorded in the middle of the 90s with members of The Bollocks.

The Bollocks – My friend 6,00 €
Repress of this single originally on Tian An Men Records released in the middle of the 1990s. Great punkrock from these pioneers of Malaysian punkrock.

The Bollocks / Opposition Party 6,00 €
New split single by Bollocks from Malaysia and Opposition Party from Singapore. Bollocks play raw punkrock, the drums like a machine gun. Opposition Party are also not quite, somewhere between raw hardcore and d-beat.

Pushed Aside / Thought 6,00 €
Green vinyl of this split 7inch of two Pinoy Hardcore bands. Thought are influence by Kid Dynamite and modern hardcore, playing 5 short songs. Also Pushed Aside are female fronted and play four modern hardcore tunes. Great release!

Random Violence / Values Lasts 6,00 €
Another hardcore split single with two bands from the Philippines. Modern and fast hardcore

Various Artists – No Future Sa Pader + Alleiner Threat Fanzine #04 7,00 €
Six wonderful Pinoy Punk Bands (The Beauty of Doubt, Bad Omen, Toxic Orgasm, Monthly Red, Tiger Pussy and Thought) are on this compilation. Streetpunk, Poppunk, Riotgrrl, Hardcore – bands that are still around and active in the zine (beside disbanded TBOD). Come with a fanzine in single format (German and English) articles about Philippines, Manila, Punkrock.
Colour choice: light blue, magenta, dark blue or purple